Siberian husky pups born 12th sept 2012

polarpaws progeny

 Photo's of some of the dogs we have produced.
Prada owned by us.
photo taken by Simon.
INCA owned and loved by Sarah and Neil Towers from Wintadreama

 NIKITA  owned and loved by Sarah and Neil Towers from Wintadreama

Chad (above) Loved and owned by Lynn David and Zoe Holes
Syler at 6 months old, owned and loved by Steph.
Syler with Steph at 3 years old, big boy
Matoki, owned and loved by Roger and Louise from snowarriors
Apollo (above)  owned & loved by Lynn
Blizzard  owned and loved by Gary
 Codi  (above) loved and owned by Caroline Cox
Echo loved and owned by Lynn and Steve Hinchcliffe
Mishka owned and loved By Jan & Pete.
Akira and Onyx loved by Wendy and Nigel Williams
                                      Sasha  Loved and owned by Bryony and Wayne from Shaminactrax

                                     Tia loved and owned by Bryony and Wayne. Both girls have their stud book numbers.                           
 Alaska (below) is owned by Ashley and Stuart

Nikita (above)   owned and loved by Elaine
Envy above with Vida
Envy (left) is owned & loved by Juilia, Paul, Vida, Hannan, Luke and Josh. 
Tao is on the right she is loved and owned by Debbie, Graham, Chloe and Aaron
Finn                                                                     Chanel 
Both dogs are loved and owned By Cherry Fairley and Lukefrom finnlaramalamutes , Cherry has done tremendous in the ring and on trails.
Chanel racing with her partner, she is the lighter gray. they are doing so well at the moment.
Chanel has won their last 2 races at Black Isle (SDAS) and Culbin (SHCGB).  She is only 2 years old. 2009.
Feline (top left) Mushu (top right) Narla (bottom left) Hero (bottom right 
All owned and  loved by Sue and John Finan from Marahotay
 Cutter loved and owned by Tracey      Oska Loved and owned by Tracey and Mark
and Mark. from Coldspell

Breeze with Charlie

                                                                               Breeze loved and owned by Martyn Kerry Charlie & Harrison .
Paris Loved and owned By Martyn Kerry
& Charlie & Harrison. From Staggan

Zudnick (above) loved  and owned by Sue and Phil Prince
Riverloved and owned by Sue and Phil with Zudnik
TAO (above)
Maya owned and Loved by Steph & Mick from Teikota
Razor Prada and Gucci. Polarapws
 Tundra (above) being shown by me loved and owned by Sheila
Macy (above) loved and owned by Barbara and Philip Stepfield
Roxy (above) owned and loved by Faye and peter 
Raiders kids. Design by wintadreama..
Ice baby, loved and owned by Paula and Dean
Binks (above) loved and owned Elaine Mick Sommer and Skylar
Loved and owned by Jodie and Christine
Kezzi (above) owned and loved by Chris Dave and Freya
Asher owned and loved by Glyn & Phil at Sukatura
    Happy New Year to everyone,  from all at Polarpaws                  
Storm   &  Maya, loved and owned by Steph & Mick at Tiekota
Kodi and Cali with paige on the rig .
Cuba x razor pups also Badger x Merlin pups
willow at 12 months old Willow at 1 year old owned and loved by Nikki Vince Jo, and Sophie.... (sire Razor, polarpaws Inamorato :Dam cuba, Polarpaws cuba blue.

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